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finding the followers

I wasnt sure how to approach “blog post 1”, as it occurred to me that writing is one thing, but having people read what you write is a whole other kettle of potentially scary fish. I don’t “do” Facebook, Tweet – I spend limited time on the likes of Linkedin, and large portions of time away from work are spent doing my best to have some kind of mental break, from the somewhat mental days that have just taken place

I work in the world of events, and every day is different.

Now I know I am not the first to say either of those statements, in fact, reading it back, it should almost read

“Hi, my name is Aron, and im an events Director” (pause for slow, drawn out clapping and tilting of the head in knowing support)……

There is that, the feeling of addiction, to the buzz, the feeling that working 72 hours straight gives you, when 6 shot lattes have no effect and you can’t remember the last day off you had that wasnt New Years (and not even then in some cases)

But that’s it, and lesson number one that was passed to me many a year ago, when I took my first steps in to a world I knew nothing about (see future postings for the story of “how”) – that events isn’t for everyone (said wise man who then, a year later quit events), you either love it or hate it – and if it’s the latter, then don’t bother setting yourself on the road to what will be eternal misery. For those of us who, despite its crazy hours and varied clientele (see what I did there), can’t think of doing anything else, I hope that we can share thoughts, ideas and generally bond together – our own support circle of crazies, creative, for whom no challenge is to big, and every day brings the opportunity to put on a new show in the theatre of our clients dreams

A wise man once said, “some men see things that are and say why, I see things that never were and say why not”, the world of the creative brain is a very special place, the balance of the impossible dream and the exceeded reality, when everywhere you look the seeds of a new idea are born, and the most innocuous of every day objects suddenly have their cinderella moments, and flourish in to the most spectacular of carriages

I hope to see you again…….


2 responses to “finding the followers

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  2. Hey, don’t mention it……

    Its nice to know someone is out there…..funny, the world so connected, and yet the feeling of loneliness ever more present
    More posts to follow – tonights is the story behind the name…..
    I will pop over for sure
    Hope you will stay in contact

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