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the idea behind the name

There are books we read, those that embed their wisdom on our hearts, and stay with us forever……

Written for children and understood by adults, quotes we use for ever more by way of expressing those things we wish we knew how to say through our own chosen word

I am not a big reader, and oddly, as the world exists today, I find it even harder to keep up with just what to “see” first, my mind flitting between the scanned image and the written word. I find myself staring out loud, in to space, as it dawns on me that I’ve wandered into a different realm whilst concentrating on everything flashing before me, looking at everything and seeing nothing.

but once upon a time, I read about a Little Prince, and I guess, in some way, his outlook changed me a little

Tell me, do you know what this is?

It wouldn’t be fair of me to tell you, but I would be interested to hear your thoughts – after all, we all see things differently, and, as my sister used to tell me, an opinion can’t be wrong

I digress, back to the topic. When I finally found my calling, and fell in to the world of events, it soon became clear that drawing number 1 would never be enough

there are those who dream of one special day for what seems an eternity, those who live their lives through these dreams of others, a world suddenly becomes populated with the unusual sound of stamping foot and the sharp spear of spoken word pierces family and friend alike

As the person who mediates between both sides, holds fragile expectation in hand, and manages months of work that pass in mere minutes, before starting everything again, and greeting new dreams as if they were the first out of a machine that is something only Willy Wonker could have imagined

We will have to adapt, and whilst we are tasked with translating ideas,  no event picture is paint by number – a rigid approach only shatters. Whilst there may always be a need to guide and gently massage people along to a more defined framework of creative genius, drawing number 1 will never be enough, and its why we, and the Little Prince always need a drawing number 2


6 responses to “the idea behind the name

  1. sami116

    That’s easy, its a hat isn’t it?

  2. It is a cat hiding underneath a rug or an old brown hat.

  3. hannahkarena ⋅

    It’s a snake that swallowed an elephant! Or an airplane. I can’t quite remember.

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