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I was travelling home last night (a typically packed London underground train with all of its sights, sounds and smells) and it occurred to me that I needed to make sure that the topic of my blog, and its direction moving forward, were somewhat set out to you, the reader (and again, thank you for doing so)

With that in mind, a brief background, and some future blog topics (is there a fancy name for “blog topics” that I am not aware of?) that will be coming your way in due course

One of my fondest memories is saturday night. not just any, rather those that included cheese on toast and The A-Team (soon progressing to Knight Rider – although I think that was actually a mid-week show….ooooh! Manimal…..remember that?….anyway!). we would sit at my aunties, my brother, cousins and me, around a 1970’s pull out wooden table set, the kind that is both back in fashion and wildly more expensive this time around, chomping away and watching soldiers of fortune (wrongly accused) run around never able to actually shoot anyone

One line epitomised the show, one I have played in my head to The A-Team soundtrack on many occasions, just as everything seems to be falling in to place – “I love it when a plan comes together”….and it was, more than Blue Peter and more recently Art Attack, The A-Team that led me indirectly on my path to event management

More of the historical background to follow in later blogs, however, for now I can tell you this. I have been in the events industry for ten years, working in some amazing venues with some great companies, meeting some very special people, and experiencing the ups and downs that come with big money spends and high expectation. no one should ever claim to know it all, and I for one would never be foolish enough to think I have seen it all –

and that’s the hook – the drive, desire and focus – to live life outside the box and not in it, where every day is different, and every blink of the eye a chance to visualize a new way of doing something…..

When the events hook has you, it has you forever

and so, the idea to write a blog, the modern-day and how best to see the world from a different angle, whilst relating the whole thing back to the events world in which I live. Questions, answers, advise and lessons learnt – whilst always remembering that when the plan does come together – there is nothing quite like it…..

look out for the following;

half a pastry and a cup of tea
suppliers and who to trust

expensive watches v expensive events
what really is the lasting legacy of an expensive wedding

the interviewees with nothing to say
how not to become an events manager

that ‘disaster’ story
the story that defines you

negotiations and dealing with a 6-year-old
what my son taught me about events

mums and daughters
whose wedding is it ?

back to basics, ipod v iremembewhen
how somethings never change

a hut above the rest
standing out in the crowd

when having the normal menu is a dietary requirement
“specials” and changing food habits

event managers
robots in disguise

event management
the bits you can’t learn

please sir, can I have some more
‘the deal’

So, I hope you will stick around, see you again


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