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expensive watches, expensive events – a legacy

Some say that the watch maketh the man, and there is little doubt that a beautiful time piece really does make you stand out – a lasting legacy for future generations (as many an advert has told me)

I remember the first two watches I really loved, both were swatch watches, and both would no doubt be back in fashion about now and worth a lot more than I paid for them. the first, a simple black strap with mirrored face, luminous green hands – the second, a more fun red and green strap combo, with multi coloured face (both of course coming with bolt on swatch guard, a real must!)

I loved them, chewing the ends of the straps leaving bite marks, and in the event of having a change of heart, unpinning (is that a word) the straps and changing them for a different colour combination. I don’t know where both ended up, and recently I was tempted into buying a newer model now on offer – my dad would probably say that they went the same way as so many other watches i had as a kid, as it would seem I had a tendency to take things apart that I then wasnt able to reconstruct….

it got me thinking, weddings…..

There is no doubt that you can “put on a good do” for a whole lot less than the current £20,00 national “average”, and if you ask people what really is important about the day itself, I would think that spending £20,00 rather than having this money put towards a house, is something that any savvy individual would pick up on

There are those though, for whom money is no object, and £20,000 is just half the floral bill and nothing more….but what is the real legacy of either wedding, and do you have to spend big money in order to have something lasting to look back on?

I have been lucky enough to work at the higher end of the market, able to make creative suggestions for people who can afford them although i do consider myself someone who will always look to suggest an element that adds to the event, rather than something that just costs silly money and adds nothing to the occasion. there are times though, when the ideas of the clients themselves are somewhat “interesting” and these have to be adjusted in order to fit with both the style of the venue, and the balance of family expectation (but see the “mother V daughter” blogs to follow)

I recently read about a couple whose wedding was entirely donated through the kind souls on facebook – what a brilliant idea, to have someone else (and not a family member who has had to save for two decades plus) donate towards the event, that, at the end of the day, is only one in the grander scheme of “the rest of your life” – to share it with close friends and family and enjoy a simple, yet im sure amazing, evening. we may not all have 904 friends on facebook to call on, but the idea is still the same in regards to what really is important about the day itself

Like the event before it, come monday morning, the empty ballroom echos with the sounds of ecstatic guests, and uncollected vases may still be awaiting pick up – but whilst the money has been spent, there is nothing to tick tock you over come 30 years down the line (musings about the level of divorce in this country is a whole different story and even more reason to question spending the money) other than an album and redundant DVD – given of course that in 30 years, we may have some new fangled way of viewing “videos”

The stress levels alone, pressure created by the weight of expectation – months and months of back and forth – the tears….one of the best weddings i went to was in a pub, a family atmosphere with family food and a good old fashioned DJ, although he did look a little…well, ragged….

So, and in answer to the original question – of course, whilst you can have Cartier dreams and only a swatch watch budget , it is genuinely amazing what you can do with that if your priorities are aligned, and focus is on the longer term legacy of the occasion. I hope that one day I will have that watch to pass to my son, and with it the memories it carries with it. unfortunately, those relating to the expensive wedding I was a part of first time around, don’t come with anything other than the sound of the wind, as it whistles through broken dream


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