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website……and twitter……and blog, oh my……

Just popping in for a moment, its friday, and I think I am having a wizard of oz moment…..

the combination of coffee, way to much coffee, a small amount of pressure, and an odd sense that I needed to branch out my currently, small circle of friends, –  and within the blink of an eye a blog, website and twitter are all up and running within the space of a week

does it say something about me, that once I have an idea in my head, I go full throttle and dont give up until the goal is reached? to be fair, even when the basics are set, I am very self critical and as such am always looking for the better way to do something, having been known to spend hours on something that is then deleted in favour of a completely new idea or direction – the curse of the creative….

for the website, I spent a long time deciding which direction to go in – clean and minimalist, artsy, fun…..and in the end I think there is a little bit of everything within the finished product. Its somewhat of an indulgence, to have a domain name that is your name – with a .com at the end….in the world of sharing, I had spent as much time as possible trying to remain anonymous (facebook is still a step to far)

my friend Jodie has been telling me that twitter is a must for some time now, and having bitten that particular bullet I am finding myself engrossed in the world, and loving every minute of it. there is of course the need to avoid ranting, or worse – as I still dont believe that anyone would be interested in my every day goings on or “how sunny I think the world looks today”. maybe that’s still a bug bear, that cynical element of my personality that makes me think that none of this is worth while.

a while back, my daughter asked for help with her homework – “how to put an email together, and what all the verbage means”, followed by sending one to a friend or family member. I was a little taken aback as although it wasnt that long ago, I dont remember having to learn how to write a letter, or fax for that matter. that’s just it though, my kids know more about computers than i am ever likely to, and when asked what he wanted for an end of year present for having been such a good by, my son said “a blackberry” (pre ipad day of course)

so this is it, the belly flopping in to cyberspace, and in no small way, the hope that I do get to meet new and exciting people in, or out of the world in which I live……only time will tell!/aroniam

and yet, I hide a small amount of worry that no one will tap in……funny, I think that this may be a small part of the reason I never ventured here before…



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