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sing me to sleep – the end of the night, the final dance…….

The sweeping hands of time pass in the blink of an eye,
A solitary tear, carries with it the dreams of an 8 year old child,
Today, the last day of “how it used to be”,
As one became two,  and the life opens at the third floor of life

Ok, so good or bad, I wrote the above, but similar words could form the part of any song (he says), its words penetrating and the feeling it stirs inside the pit of your stomach incomparable. I heard last week Lincoln Park’s version of an Adele song at the iTunes festival – stunning, or the Ellie Browning version of Sweet dreams by the Eurithmics from Sucker Punch…- amazing….and it made me think of how you or I may hold that “first dance song”, or the last of the night for  that matter, in the same regard as any other, but for the couple themselves (or “you” if you are reading this”) – it holds a completely different meaning. One persons cheese is another’s caviar…..

So how can you choose the perfect opening and closing number? My friends will tell you I am a little cheesy, and I would have to admit a certain love for the 80’s power ballad – and, in my younger days I was partial to the odd mix tape or two….but it so happens that when it comes to songs needed for this type of occasion, those “younger days” stand me in good stead. That said, this is one of those times that I feel you need to defer to the couple themselves, taking a back seat and “speaking when spoken to” as it were.

There is no right or wrong, for those few moments, when you are on the dance floor, alone, a single beam of light casting shadows throughout the Ballroom, all eyes on you and time standing still……the music at that point may not even matter.

My indulgent advice therefore, would be to go with whatever songs make you feel amazing, hold a meaning for you, or just make you smile. Go unusual, go cheesy, go the same as your best friend had, go nostalgic…..go whichever way you want…..

Just enjoy it, as its one of many moments that you may not even remember until watching the wedding video back….


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