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questions for the future – here to help

So I thought that I would end this weeks blog entries by throwing out a request to the wider blogging / tweeting world.

Reading back over my past entires, I have decided that they could come across somewhat one-sided, a combination of the stories I can tell about the experiences I have had, and the thoughts that are my own, about any event related life lesson I have been through (to many “I’s” and so wanted to create some “we’s”)

“What about you?” was the thought I had early this morning, the outside world of individuals, all of whom may have an events (or other) related question that I can help you with. Funny, in the world of social media as it is today, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – you get the feeling that if someone wants to find you they can, touch base with a complete stranger to ask their advice, and our social standing is measured by how many “friends” they have – and yet, I think I still fall somewhat in to the category of approaching strangers as just that, the thought that a more formal introduction of some kind is needed rather than a random poke, connect request or follow. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t do this for everyone, and I tend to find that there are certain barriers already broken by connecting with people in the same industry – however, I wanted to invite anyone that wanted to drop me a line, to do so – no ice breakers or more formal introductions required.

I am on Twitter – @aroniam, or LinkedIn, and would be happy to hear from you, no, delighted – I hope you will take me up on the offer. The advice I offer is just that, and it seems silly to have accumulated over ten years of experience if I can’t share it with someone.

Have a great weekend…….



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