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dress up, dress down – wedding ballroom decor

It occurred to me reading back over earlier posts, that I have a tendency to write like I think  and that as a result, my posts can sometimes come across as more “essay” and less “clear concise thought”. I hope that I can address this moving forward, whilst still keeping an element of fun and creativity in the posts themselves.

With this in mind, todays thought, or two…..Venues
Their look, Ballroom versus Gallery
….and how much should you really look to spend on room decor?

I happen to me lucky enough to work within a hotel, built-in 1865 and packed with history. The Grand Ballroom, as you see it below, was built at a time when grandeur was everything (every time I see a period drama on TV my heart warms), and because nowadays there are countless venues from which to choose, only very few retain the ability to be called “Grand”, and I am proud to work in one of these. Adding finishing touches to a room such as this is easy, and small additions make massive differences – the most common of which are lighting, chairs and of course the chosen floral displays.

The decision as to where a wedding event is held can sometimes rest with the bride and groom, sometimes with mum and dad. factor in too the age of the respective couple and the type of look they are going for – and you have an infinite number of areas to pinpoint before being able to narrow down to a final choice. I will therefore, try and keep things as general as possible.

Ballroom over Gallery
Take a Ballroom such as ours versus a  beautiful and yet undecorated Gallery (other venue types available) and cost soon becomes a factor. The canvas may be blank, but the cost to paint it can be high. Make sure this is factored in to any budget you put together as lighting a ballroom is relatively cheap compared to lighting…, and this brings me on to my next point –

What is included?
Continuing on from the above, most hotels will include their tables, chairs, linen, crockery, cutlery and glassware in any quote they send out – not to mention a labour element too. Take other venues, be they blank or not set up for this type of event, and you may also find yourself having to fork out for aspects you assumed from the start would already be included. Even when using an “outside” caterer within a venue, not all will provide the most basic “A-Z” that you will need.

How much should it all cost?
There is no set price. What there is however, is a lot of choice, and it pays to do your homework. If a venue has a chosen in house Audio Visual supplier, talk to them. You can then benefit from their expertise, and possibly cost too – as they may have equipment on site, and can therefore pass a saving on to you. When it comes to the linen and flowers – or speciality plates and chairs….here too, my best advise is to speak to the event organiser with whom you are working at the venue and have them pass recommendations over, as this can soon become mind numbinggly difficult to juggle when considering to everything else you will have to be worrying about.

There are very few people who are lucky enough to be able to do away with a priority list when it comes to weddings, as we all have to assess what are the most important elements of the day, and those that will really make a difference. There is an argument therefore, for having your venue starter point tick as many boxes as possible from the off, allowing you to then be as creative as possible on the finishing touches. The WOW factor that will greet the guests when they walk in to whichever room will be there come what may,  and as I have previously implied, the people maketh the event – and they will rock up to whichever address appears on the invite.




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