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the downtime – motivation and all those “will do tomorrow” things

It’s actually been a hard couple of weeks.

You don’t truly think about how busy you are, until time slows a little and suddenly you find yourself consulting a list on which tick marks begin to appear. This has been the case for me since August hit. Through the course of the busy seasons, and including too the Christmas period, there are many good intentions, and much fire fighting – as immediate responses to problems and challenges are required, and little time exists for anything not deemed essential.

Coming off the back of such a season, you take a few moments to breathe, and then begin looking back to all those things you promised yourself you would get to “as and when the time allowed” – and then – boom! energy escapes, and the tiredness that you have been fighting for months kicks in and really knocks you for six.

So how do you stay motivated, clear the to do list and set yourself up for success as the season beckons once more?



The truth is that the down time can be an exciting time. Just this week, I met with our olympic partner for next year, and I really felt like a kid in a sweet shop (combined with deer in headlights) when the sheer enormity of the operation ahead was laid out for me, whilst getting over run with excitement at the creative ideas that were flowing. Recounting the meetings back to my girlfriend on the way to dinner – it became clear that I was both speaking very fast, using my hands a lot, and not breathing all that often.

The down time is also great for catching up with the team, appraising and setting goals for the months ahead, and really thanking people for the work they put in over the previous season. It is also a time to get some all important refresher training in, if possible, amongst all the holiday time people have earned, and really keeping one eye on the labour forecast – ensuring that the team have the chance to have some well deserved down time. 

My list is still long – I have put down on paper some creative ideas on how to bolster the wedding business in the coming months – and in general, for all events, given the lead time – prep now can really make a massive difference once everyone is back at work and the wheels are turning once more. Budgets are just around the corner, and Christmas bookings begin to come thick and fast once September hits. There are equipment needs, service delivery updates, and new menus to review.

Take the opportunity to enjoy some quiet time, breathe deep and try to avoid the “post holiday” anxious feeling about the workload that lies ahead – rather seeing it as the chance to yet again WOW everyone who walks through the door. I would love to hear from you – your thoughts, your own ideas of how best to manage the down time, and any questions you might have – please do feel free to ask.

See you next week…….


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