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Veruka Salt – I want it now! – what you need V what you want

The balance is a fine one,
What you need versus what you want
How to stop yourself, and politely be stopped, by the event manager who sees the slightly wider picture (garish pink plates a good table setting do not make)
How to share the hard earned savings between all the aspects the event requires
What makes, what finishes off, what can be done without…..

So, in brief – possibly controversially, open to all discussion, and understanding that everyone’s priorities are different…..I give you a list you are welcome to change

Decor / production company

Of course, the list is a set of items that you will want, and need to have – its more about which you view as being most important that will then determine compromise

Without one there is no wedding, but Garden at home in the summer (if you have the space and a wet weather back up) can be as stunning as a 5* hotel. Dont choose a 5* hotel because of the name, when it will be at the expense of other aspects you also want to include….

Band or DJ is part of a previous post, but music will be a must. That said, 5 piece or 15, show band or DJ and percussion – they maketh the atmosphere, along with your guests, but they will sell their largest package to you – but is it needed. Most importantly, book them early and go listen to them live. Once booked for your date, they will be gone.

Commercial V magazine, brilliantly fading in to the background or always asking you to pose… of the most important aspects of any day as it pertains to the lasting memory….meet the individual and their team (most weddings have two on site, possibly three), see their work, and ask about their shooting style. Ideally on the day, you wont even remember seeing them…..but the shots will be stunning.

You can vary the cost of the central table displays, bouquets, isle flowers, button holes, petals for the bridesmaids to throw…..and there are a million florists out there. Nowadays the choice means that you can have an amazing display for less than you might think, and most will work to your budget, and offer some ideas you may not have thought of…..fruit over flowers anyone?

Extremely important, but in the event you are heading to a venue for the special day, one would hope that the reputation of the food backs the reputation of the venue itself. You will have a tasting no doubt, head back and forth – ideally because you love everything – but at the end of the day, this should fall neatly in to place.

Tough one depending on where the event is to be held. I would still advise that the smaller elements make the biggest impact. Uplighting of any space is a big WOW, pin spotting of tables, a certain amount of dance floor decor – but not everyone needs gobo’s and moving lights – by that point, the music and guests become more important.

I would love to hear your thoughts, and see what else you think ranks as important to consider.


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