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I met the nicest client today……

Every so often (I do wish it was more than that) you meet a client that blows you away, and in the blink of an eye a real relationship is born….

Whilst that may be more unusual than not, the fact still remains, that any client who walks through the door is special, and to treat them as anything other than this (especially in this current climate) would be unwise, nay foolish….In fact, and whilst you are considered the events professional, its amazing just how much you can learn from clients, and their perspective on things.

So, what have I gained from all types of meetings – long (5 hours) or short (literally 2 minutes)

Judgemental – Don’t be
Try and leave all pre conceived ideas at home, as these will otherwise show on your face whenever the client says something that you don’t agree with. In many cases, we really don’t have any idea of who we are meeting, and the company they represent may not be who they are. We have all experienced the angel who, at first, we thought would turn out to be a dragon – and, unfortunately, the opposite….

Listen – always
As creative people, we come with a set of ideas for all types of events, that in turn we try and subliminally pass on to our clients – things we may know work very well, or just an idea that you have spent ages compiling, and here, now, this is the event you want to put the thought in to action. Stop! as without listening to our clients, how are we going to truly know what they want from us. you would be surprised at the level of creativity that comes from listening to the client and then working with them, rather than second guessing their needs and getting it all wrong.

Write down the ideas
I am not great at this, I tend to think and then speak to fast, and don’t give myself that time – other than of course, in line with point two. That said, post the meeting, it is a great idea to write everything down and then relay this back to the client in an email. That way it is clear that all bases are covered and ideas can then develop onwards.

So, three simple ideas, of which I am sure there are more…..please do send in yours. Have a great weekend.

P.S – I will be away next week, and will try to write the blogs in advance, if not then back on-line the following week.


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