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Sun, Sea and Sand – Cannes, and Can Nots………


One of those moments this past week, when an opportunity presents itself to “walk in the footsteps of others” and genuinely come away from a venue feeling a little in awe. Don’t get me wrong, over the past few days spent in Cannes, I visited many beautiful places – old historic villages offering great views, a history of their own, and exquisite wines to drink as the sun sets overhead…and yet, the place that “WOW’ed” as much as any was the Carlton hotel on the beach strip. You may not think you know it, but you do, seen every Cannes film festival, and the hotel of choice for film stars of current and past glory years.

The space was amazing, walking through the door and having the feeling of being transported back in time, everyone (both in, and to be fair within the whole of Cannes itself) dressed to the nines whatever the time of day, a fur exhibition / sale adorning one of the event spaces (a little odd if I am completely honest) and just the most beautiful stair cases you have ever seen climbing the entire 7 floors of the hotel (see it to believe why it’s worth a mention of it’s own)…….

This of course isn’t a trip advisor blog post, although the brief visit did get me thinking – events abroad and both their appeal and possible pitfalls. I happen to have been married abroad too, and there are certain key elements to consider if this is an option or consideration for you.

Obviously key – maybe a second beach wedding has an appeal second time around (or even first)?, but the further out the destination, as you search for the seasonally best weather, so to the price for the trip increases, and the limitations begin to appear before you have even got started. If family are based overseas, or indeed one half of the couple themselves, the overseas option could be tabled, but even if the initial financial element is less of a consideration…..

…..then who else will be there may well be. In my case, the wedding itself took place overseas, what couldn’t be foretold was the impact of a November wedding, post the most significant September date of recent memory. As such, my new wife was left with no one in attendance from her circle of friends, and to be fair – an extremely difficult thing to overcome on what is meant to be such a special day. I was luckier – but whilst the occasion was great, it wasnt ideal. Consider the cost for individuals or couples to come to the wedding, the time of year, and the possibility of any and all reasons why cancellations may mean fewer people to share the day with you

Language, Arrangements and Everything in – between
Lucky enough to have someone doing all of this for you, or a very patient boss who gives you the freedom to make wedding trips to fix up your menu or have a final wedding dress fitting? – lucky you. For everyone else, and especially in the case of you being the partner who doesn’t have the connections, it can be extremely difficult and not to mention stressful, to try to put everything together. Wedding planner or not (they too need experience of “overseas” events) most brides (for sure) want to have as much input as possible……you see the conundrum

Over the past few years, and whilst the weather is so unpredictable, many new English venues have come to my, and no doubt your, attention, offering an array of different options for an event. A combination of inside and outside space, varied additional on site locations, menus, and musical options. Both near and far – but “England based” they could be the balance between “something old and something new”….people will always have their preferences, hotel or other – and for those lucky enough to have all pieces fall in to place, the jigsaw of a wedding overseas could be more than a romantic pipe dream….


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