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Tis the season – the lead up to Christmas

September 1st, and thankfully the sun is shining.

Riding to work today, day two of the new regime – trying to offset the cost of expensive rail travel and the rubbish Victoria line with the ever changing weather, slightly mad drivers and the taunts of my eight year old – “Daddy, you look ridiculous!” (of course I think I can carry Orange off well) – it occurred to me that Christmas is literally round the corner, and the mad crazy season before it knocking loudly on the door.

At that point, I swerved a little, and reminded myself that concentration was paramount at all times whilst road riding……anyway..

There are few times in the yearly events calender, when there is a chance to breathe, try and tick off any number of “will get to projects” and set your house in order, before the rollercoaster of daily life commences again, and you suddenly realise you are coming to work when it’s dark, and going home when it’s even darker. To late now to do something about it – what is up with that ? – all the waiting for that quiet moment, and then the feeling of not having any time to do anything…!

So, how to avoid suddenly feeling overwhelmed at what lies ahead, and gearing the team up to focus for a non stop action packed set of months?

Events teams are seasoned, and in truth, there is always something to prepare for, and a client who also is working to a slightly different schedule, requiring therefore an on the ball approach to their event which doesn’t account for any quiet time that we might otherwise be going through. Whilst there may have been a lull in the booking of business during August, upon their return to work and the realisation an event is just around the corner, things soon pick up – and any shortfall that may exist between forecasts and budgets is soon made up. In fact, keeping track of this, and ticking off landmark amounts as they are reached and surpassed, acts as a great way to reinvigorate, and get that “buzz” feeling back.

Christmas dates and packages themselves are out and available to book – maximizing the business through this time, and securing the key Friday night business and “last event of the year” come December 21st – gives both a closing of the season date and target to strive for. What short lead wedding business may still be out there?, setting of  new budgets for 2012 – and the Olympics of course…..all part of the new projects that will form part of the “other stuff” we need to do as well as managing the daily VIP’s who walk through our doors.

So strap in, keep your hands and legs in the cart at all times, and enjoy the ride – because this is what it’s all about – and if you are anything like me, its what you really love about the work that you do…..


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