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“Run Forrest Run” – Trying to breathe as things hot up

It’s Wednesday, and for some reason, Wednesdays are “The” busiest day of my week.

Pre arranged weekly meetings, and the request that always seems to land on my desk just as I need to head out to greet my kids at home, coupled with that middle of the week feeling……I wonder if it’s possible to bypass Wednesday’s altogether…..?, oh, and lets not forget that summer is all but over for another year.

How then to couple this madness, with the levels of business that seem to be flooding in, clients returning from their hols and remembering about the event due tomorrow….and not becoming stressed when through the whole of August you promised yourself you wouldn’t “when things picked up again”

On my desk I have a very simple plan chart. Split in to “extremely urgent”, through to “can wait”, it allows me to keep track of what I am working on, without losing focus of the longer term projects that also need intermittent updates. Sometimes it’s a complete mess – but nothing feels better than ticking off some of those “to do” items, and writing the whole thing out neatly again come Monday morning.

In no way is it easy to avoid that sudden panic feeling that overcomes you when one thing after another requires immediate attention, and you see your day whizz past you in the blink of a very tired eye. So, take in to account that you are either one person who can only do so much during the course of a day – prioritizing therefore becomes paramount – or, you have the benefit of working with a team to who you can delegate and manage accordingly.

Keep in touch
In line with the above, keep in constant contact with your clients. Better to fill them in, and give realistic timelines as to when they can expect to hear from you again, than try and avoid making the call to “buy more time”. Honesty is by far the best policy, and in the case of clients who want everything now!, sometimes helping them to understand what else may be taking up your time (explained correctly of course) can create the breathing space you need.

The odd glass of wine
I don’t advocate drinking – more the finding of that mental break once you have gotten home, that reminds you that there is something else to live for. After a horrible train journey home last night and the lamenting of my own tardiness that prevented me cycling – the loving hug and glass of red that greeted me was enough to create that space I speak of, and put things back in to perspective.

Got any great tips for how to handle the busy day and evening thereafter? – drop me an email, I would love to hear from you and feature comments on a future blog.


One response to ““Run Forrest Run” – Trying to breathe as things hot up

  1. The odd drink now and then certainly helps, and the breathing and list making – I am there with you!!

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