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Event Management, the bits you can’t teach

My own experience this week, one of those things that has you stop and think, breathe and take half a step back – and ultimately something that gets you looking both ways before taking the next step. I learnt a long time ago, that whilst many people are good at organising things, and many have done the odd party or two in their time – there are bits to event management that you just can’t teach – those things that however good you think you may be, are the defining moments that leave you both secure and unsure all at the same time – to have thought something was being done right, assistance, guidance……self belief and the spark, momentarily put out – whose embers burn slowly until something ignites them once more, and the passion returns.

There may be many, but if I had to narrow it down to three that spring to mind……

In the face of adversity
That feeling when you can read the expression on a clients face from across a room and you know what’s coming. How to smile through gritted teeth (needed too below) and project in your best “care bear stare” a feeling of calm, hoping that any part of it may land ever so gently on their brow and fiery words will be tapered somewhat before scorching your brain.

Mother and Bride
How to deal with the feeling that you want to be anywhere else other than, “here” – the life of two people, to be intertwined together in the eternal happiness of gritted teeth, looking with beady eye and dark heart, arguing in front of a complete stranger and creating a feeling that lacks basic respect for mother, and groom alike – the bridezilla roars

Sinking heart
Those times when you realise something is missed, forgotten detail in a sea of calla lilies and tapered damask cloth. How to change a menu for 500 in the blink of an eye, produce flowers where there were none, or deal with the inner screams of stressed bride, as her veil doesn’t flow or her dress rips unexpectedly whilst exiting a lift

And yet, there you are, after months of work, with tired feet and eyes that hurt…..standing by table 16, and looking over a dance floor full of happiness and laughter,

Questioning nothing, and feeling like 9.00 in the morning after a weeks holiday – full of energy you never knew you had

Inspired by what you see, and what you think will work next time round

The dream a reality you helped create

…..and then the bits you can’t teach, that feeling that overcomes you, envelopes your being and allows you to float home on the night bus……smiling as if your birthday was, everyday

Damn, I love events……


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