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Playing the game – Shared responsibility when times are challenging

Times are hard.

I know, sounds very 1850’s – Dickensian, pictures of Oliver Twist popping in to my head, long cold winters and muddy streets under foot…..throw in a real old “pea souper” where the weather is concerned and we would be well on our way….and yet there is that hint of truth to everything. I don’t need to list any number of worldly matters that make every day more difficult to live now than ever before.

Generation hero, to Generation zero…..

So, people are covering their own bases, peeking back over their shoulders and wondering what the next day holds in store. unfortunately, this also creates a somewhat political atmosphere that can sometimes be difficult to accept and deal with. So, how to hold your head high and make your own mark when all others around you prefer to remain in the shadows?

I am not a fan of playing games, and to be fair, I’m not the best at playing anyway. If you preach “team”, then it’s team when things are going well, and even more so when things are not. There is the tendency to forget the good when times are challenging, and yet there is little time to rest on laurels – and so maybe this is unsurprising. Events however and the people who manage them, can be a little like a football club. You can either buy the title, spending millions on a set of individuals you think will gel, in the hope that when the whistle goes, everything will suddenly come together and create a poetry in motion. Or, you build your team over time, you take a hit – maybe two, but build the mentality internally that has this set of individuals fight for every ball, and run until they are ready to explode – all for the team.

What binds them all? The manager. he takes the heat and the praise, makes promises he knows he can’t always keep, and can only fight as hard as the team will fight for him. It can be a lonely place, that corner you sometimes feel pushed in to, when positive praise turns to something a little less – nice to hear….or getting out of bed on a morning suddenly gets a little harder as you feel a little more deflated….a slow puncture that needs immediate attention….

Sometimes, you just need to try and create that space, something that allows everyone to breathe – the big “6 pointer”…..sometimes you have to react quickly, pull people together – accept your role, and maybe half the role of others….and hope, that over time it becomes clear, as in most cases, that those in the shadows often find no where to hide when the sun moves position and illuminates their face, covered with their hands and wishing the attention away.

I believe that both strength of character and the belief that I have within myself as an Events Manager, allow for me to be that team player when most counts – to call on other great people, who together can help to make a difference and fight for a common goal, clawing their way to success and onwards.

How do you go about rallying your troops to fight back when the going gets tough?


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