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Event Managers, Robots in disguise

I love Transformers. Always have. In fact, one of the toys I remember not ever having as a child, that mystical toy that always alludes you – replaced by something a little less special every birthday – the one you can have “next year”. I don’t know what it was about Optimus (although in my day Megatron was a gun and pretty cool) but it was by far the coolest toy I never got to play with. When the film came out, I was right there to see it, and hearing “that voice” for the first time brought back such fond childhood memories.

And so, there I was today, thinking that Event Managers are pretty much like Transformers – Robots in disguise

I am thinking that for anyone reading this, who knows exactly what I mean, a weary smile should be appearing……about……now

There you are, moving along in one form and then BAM! before you know it, you are something completely different.

Event Management is about multi tasking, it’s about never thinking that you know everything, or that today will be the day when everything will go 100% smoothly. It is about the need to adapt, to take a hit from left field, living outside the box, and always having a spare smile no matter what the time of day. It is about the 16 hour shift and the silence that follows, as you arrive home alone and crawl fully clothed in to bed…..and yet, the silence is deafening, and you long for tomorrow when you get to do it all over again.

There is a certain buzz that you get, from knowing that whilst others will demand so much of you, and at times you may need to take that half step back to assess the wider picture – when that moment comes and you are needed to step up, you will deliver – and no Decepticon will be able to stand in your way.


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