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New Kids on The Block – Event Managers Galore

I follow a couple of hundred people on Twitter, having made the point that for the most part I wanted to have links to people and companies that were in the same industry as I am – or at least connected in a way that I felt would allow for a pool of skills to be gathered in one place for any time they may be called upon. Of course there is a sprinkling of celeb, but for the most part things are pretty work based on any given day.

It then crossed my mind – “can anyone be an event organiser, and what really sets one person / company aside from another?” Is it for me to suggest that the market is flooded with event managers and organisers of events (there is a difference)? Well, to be fair, certainly not if there is enough work to go round for everyone and the clients are getting the best choice of who to work with. Yes, there will be the need to make sure that all the boxes are ticked, and there is always the adage that “if it seems to good to be true….” anyone can list a set of names they call “client”

However, maybe there are some key fundamentals;

Really, truly passionate event organisers, working on their own or as part of a wider company, love what they do and can’t imagine doing anything else. Of course, there are the days they wish they were doing anything other than getting up at the crack of a rainy dawn, but for the most part, it is a shoe that fits and meeting the challenge head on every day is just a feeling that you don’t have if , one day, you wake up and think you are pretty organised and then decide to call your self an events organiser.

Mentioned on different occasions in different ways – but in the same way as other professionals become experts in their fields, so too for event organisers. You get a feel for the market, keep your ear to the ground and get a sense of how the tides are turning….know when to bend, to flex – stick or twist…it is part of the buzz, the disappointment you have to bear when you lose an event to someone else, and when you win one that you thought had gone from your grasp.

Confidence that there is work out there, confident in the belief that people would always prefer to go with quality that pay later for having cut corners – but most importantly, confidence in yourself as someone who can create, exceed expectation, drive for better and inspire along the way.  

I would be interested to hear your thoughts – what do you do that sets you apart, or what insight do you have as to how you have been able to ride these tough times and plan for the longevity of your business.


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