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Half a pastry and a strong coffee – the foods of champions

It’s late – later still as the day began so early…..and here I am, still wading through the fog of the day now passed, and now only closer to enjoying the warm evening of the day gone. It was dark when I got to work, it will be dark when I get home – enough time to breathe just deep enough to prepare for the next blury day ahead.

I envy some people I admit it – but most of all, it is those who seem to make the day always seem long enough to get everything done – those who have so much to juggle, that when, on the odd occasion they do let their feelings of this be known, you begrudge them not their moment, to shout all to briefly, at the world for what it has thrown at them.

I also envy people who always have time for lunch, although one good reason to not eat at your desk (

Anyway, whilst I know our time is our own to manage, with the marketplace as it is at the moment, feelings stir inside, that leave you wanting to maximize all the time you have in order to drive business through, and as such you let that half hour slide as you tell yourself it can be better spent doing something else. the reality is that this is nonsense, and if you play this game for to long, the only smell in the office will be that of your burnt out body.

At this point, certain people reading this will laugh out loud. You see, this is one of those occasions where others would tell me that I need to practice what I preach. I dont eat all that much during the day – don’t take a lunch break, at the desk or otherwise, and in reality, live on the box of bran flakes that sits next to me, and the coffee I can make either in room service or partake of during a client meeting. I am possibly the worst example I know of, a combination of someone who loves to exercise, and yet doesn’t fuel up well enough to maintain energy – there is the weird feeling of comparing myself to John McClane in die Hard….the slightly ragged look of a man on the edge….

The long and short of it is this my friends, whist only human on the inside, there are times when the requests made of us seem anything but. That said, and with only a certain number of hours in the day – and as Lennon once said, “Life is something that passes you by, whilst your making other plans” – to not take care of ourselves will only lead to a burnout and others with their own stuff to deal with having to add “propping us up” to their other list of things they feel responsible for. This is no sob story, and for anyone who works in events and sometimes finds themselves running on fumes, you know that you grab  what you can, when you can and sometimes there is no time for anything more.  Advice?, try to find that balance – or at least something that resembles balance, and hold on to it tight.

Until then, I say “Yippie Kay Ey……” you know the rest!


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