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Oh Captain, My Captain – learning from our clients

Here I am, 23.30 on a Wednesday night, tickling the ivories as it were (well, at least the now off white keys of my MAC) off the back of a crazy day just recently over……Magic is on, Elton is saying goodbye to his yellow brick road, and I’m trying to wind down enough to allow sleep to pop in for at least a few hours before doing it all again.

My blog topic for tomorrow I thought, seeing what might be floating around my head – and then a memory, off the back of a lunch I recently had with a very special couple, old clients whose wedding I had organised, and in some ways “the event that made me”. I wrote a post a while ago about “that” disaster story – another lesson learned,, but this was different, and taught me a very important lesson.

Clients  are sometimes challenging to work with, and on occasion they take you to the edge. Only when that last song is playing, do you take a deep breath, assess the event that has for once gone exactly as you hoped, and planned it would, and suddenly everything is ok again. The initial back and forth, three tastings and the tears, the only time I have seen a client convince a GM that they need to purchase $5000 of new equipment for their event……but when trying to make sense of the “what”, what I really took from everything, was that you can’t talk 5* if you can’t walk 5*. Many places talk about it, but how many really can back up their claims.

I learned that I can’t compromise, cut even the smallest of corners, and all ideas need to have their place both in and out of the box. We may never feel that our efforts are properly rewarded, financially or otherwise, but there is a real opportunity, not to be missed, from what we can take as a lesson – having come in to contact with so many different types of people. I have learnt to never think I know it all – and that it is sometimes better to shut up and listen, as silence is the right thing to say.

I would love to hear what lessons you have learnt from all the clients with whom you have had contact – what is your best advice and biggest “always do/ do not do”

Take a look too at another old post, meeting the nicest client,

Have a great weekend – whichever country you are in, and whoever you used to be, and are now friendly with……(come on, you know who you are…x)


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