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Gluten free – when having the normal menu is a dietary requirement

When I was younger, I don’t remember Gluten free…..I don’t remember meat only, low carb, no fat, frutarian diets – and, although more common now, I don’t remember anything that resembles the long list of dietary requirements I often come across when putting together an event.

Honest health problem or fad… to me about how we have all become so fixated on what we eat and the effect is has on us.

This, you may say, is not such a bad thing. After all, levels of obesity aside, clearly what we eat does have an effect on us. I think it is more the feeling I sometimes have, that whilst there are a number of people who have a genuine need for more balance, there are those riding their coat tails and just after the opportunity to be, “trendy”.

This of course may be a very “extreme” view, and many may feel aggrieved, especially if they are affected in a way that leaves them uncomfortable or unwell. I met someone over the weekend who told me that we are all getting sicker as our immune system was getting weaker. i don’t know if that is true or not, I was under the impression that we were getting stronger and living longer, as more cures were found for more diseases….

Last week we held an event. 150 people, 60 dietary requirements. Nothing overly offensive on the menu people may not have liked, and as I think about it, the guests hadn’t even seen the menu in advance. Then there is “Mr Smith” – who feels that a plate of smoked salmon is his own version of a dietary requirement, whilst everyone else has something else – or “Mrs Jones”, who can’t eat the main course of chicken because of some report she recently read that left her feeling that chickens have feelings.

I miss the days of good old vegetarians.

I am of course, making a serious topic for some, in to a more light hearted affair – although I am all to aware of how our diet affects us (no drum roll and twist – I am not in need of a gluten free diet….I am though allergic to nuts, also a more common issue of late) and I would not want anyone to be offended.

I would love to hear your stories of odd dietary requests at either your own event or one you recently went to. Drop me a line.


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