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Dreaming Out Loud – Anchored to the Universe

I sometimes sit back and wonder. Early in the morning, or late one night – when things around me are quiet, and I suddenly realise I can hear the silence talking to me….(I know that sounds a little dumb), that point in a day when you find yourself with no one around, and the first opportunity to really think about what you have to get done, and assess all of those things that prevented you making any headway during the normal working hours of the day.

Then that element of wonder, as to how people multi task as they do – those who never seem to stop, be they mothers, fathers, those in positions of importance, or just important people to others who rely on them. As you bring this back to your own life, and all those things you know in your heart that you want, and hope, to accomplish – and the split second in which you tell yourself that it is all possible…..before feeling that you allowed the happy thought to vanish as you come crashing back to reality and a realisation that the dreaming part is easy.

I have those things I want to do – those, that even in the past few years I have been able to do – ticked off an imaginary list that always seemed to grow out of reach – and yet, I am sure there are many of us who sigh as we become a little despondent at just how long it has taken to make the smallest of differences.

I say this though, as we make plans as life passes us by – it is only us who can severe whatever tie has us anchored so firmly to the ground. The feeling that coarse through us, when we realise that we have been able to take something additional on, or step briefly outside of our comfort zone, to complete a task, fulfill a dream, or simply live a little more than we did the day before. there is no feeling to match this and the springboard the feeling provides to take that next step……as the advert says for a well known credit card (others available), priceless.

I have friends, who seem to have taken on more and more each time I speak with them, juggling the responsibilities they hold at work and at home – living two lives that happen to merge at many different points, and in some way, an inspiration for what it really means to create the illusion of more hours in the day. I aspire to be more like them, I somewhat envy their spirit and dedication to whatever cause they represent – they offer the belief that you can be more.

We all have so much to consider on each given day, the choices we make and the consequences they create – but the starting point needs to be the knowledge that we all have the chance to change, grow more and learn more – be open to veering left and then right and not living a middle of the road existence for all of time.

Today, we should all do something that we will make a difference, to ourselves and others. Take one step out of our comfort zone and breathe in deeply.


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