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Crossing the line – The Friend / Client Boundry

I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people through my time in events, clients who have become friends – friends who also became clients.
With this however, comes the obvious question of where to draw the line. To make sure that there is still the clear distinction between the work that we do, expectation and the need to create space that may be useful in the event of a challenge.

Some key points to consider.

Whilst you may be the obvious person for your friend to call on should they need event advise, are you the best person to manage this, or can you forsee a strain on the friendship should you get to involved. Would it be better to offer a trusted second, who you know and believe in, to run the event – allowing for you to give smaller tidbits of advice as and when asked?

In the event that you do take on the role – how will you create the distance that will allow for you to push back when required to do so, and make hard decisions that could be costing you money, should your friend think that they should get friends and family rates for everything.

If your client has, over time, become a friend – do not forget that first and foremost they are a client, and as such, they too will need to be delivering for their own boss / guests. As such, whilst things may be rosy for most of any day, they will also need to create space with you, as there has to be a professionalism that exists at all times. Don’t blur the lines.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Have you ever had to work an event that you were also meant to be a guest at?
Have you had to make that tough cal, and put a friendship in jeopardy because of it?

Let me know…..


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