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Rejection. The events that get away

Dramatic as it may sound, head in hands and slightly pounding – a combination of stress, anxiousness and a little anger, the job that got away – rejection. The product is great, the pitch was great – prices matched and dates were held. So how did the event manage to slip through our fingers?

There is no great answer to the argument that an agent or client may give that extends no further than “client preference”. I will therefore, mention a couple of reasons why we may lose a job, and depending on if you are a private event planner or part of a wider corporate team – if these bases are covered, you can walk away with the knowledge that ” I did all I can”.

So, as Dermot would say, in no particular order;

Venue not right for the event – to “wedding like” for a corporate meeting, or vise versa
Price, however competitive we think we are
Relationship – be 1000% certain that you have made the best first impression. People need to feel they can work with you for the next year
Location – one man’s Park Lane is another mans Park Royal
Loyalty – to someone or somewhere else

The list could go on, but I think that in the long run it is less about the why and more about the how – how we handle the rejection, moving on to the next enquiry and learning from how we handled things on the previous occasion.

Let me know your thoughts on how best to handle the disappointment of a lost job


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