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Deep Breaths – The WoW of an event

Last night I attended a charity event at one of the biggest ballrooms in Europe, The Grand Room at the Grosvenor House Hotel – on behalf of Norwood. For anyone that doesn’t know about Norwood and the work that they do, I would recommend checking them out as this is an unbelievable organisation with an unbelievable number of staff and volunteers without whom the safety net they provide for all men, women and children would not be as tight as it is.

The event is for upwards of 1200 people and hosted each year on the  Monday in November. It runs like clockwork, counts as part of it’s supporters the likes of Sir Phillip Green and one Simon Cowell, and raises millions of pounds for the charity. Last night, Mayor of London, Boris Johnson was the guest speaker, and he was utterly brilliant. The whole night was a glittering affair, and one that I am very proud to be a part of – having supported the charity for a few years now, as I will continue to do so in future years.

There is that feeling, no matter how many events I may have gone to, as I draw closer to the main event space itself, and take a deep breath at the sight that my eyes behold. Last night was no exception, but in general – and although it was nice for one to be on the other side of the table – I am still wowed by the effort that goes in to an event of this nature and the people who make it happen. As I am sure you can imagine, it is a cast of dozens, but there is also a more personal feeling that comes over me, and one that really does remind me just how much I do like what I do every day of the week. The work that goes in to an event, large or small, the chain of reliance that exists between all parties, to ensure that all bases are covered and every eventuality mapped out – and that feeling as guests walk through the door, for the tenth, or first time – and see the fruits of that labour for the first time.

And so, with only a few hours to go before I personally start a new role, I find myself with that tingly feeling inside – the nerves as they subconsciously remind me everything about starting out all over again – new place, new people and new challenges. Most of all though, and having had a short break over this past week or two, I am looking forward to creating more, working with new clients, and finding new ways to WOW.


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