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Number One – Just Begun, New Dawn, New Day

Slightly unusual for me, having not pre written my post for today knowing just how hectic a day it was going to be, and yet, and please do forgive the small sprinkling of self indulgence, it wasn’t one that I would have been able to put down on paper in advance without a strong dose of hindsight we all wish at some point that we had.

A lot goes on within the events world, that has, through my career, allowed me to learn a great deal – and where this blog specifically is concerned, draw on those experiences to pass on what I have learned from each encounter. I am extremely careful to recognize that had it not been for certain individuals, and a certain amount of initial luck, to be the right person, in the right place, at the right time, that I may not have had the opportunities to grow as I have. I search for the key fundamentals, the basis for the “want to get out of bed in the morning” moments, all of which play such a vital part in each day – make me proud to honestly say that I have had the chance to work in some wonderful places with some great people. And with that – and as of today, a new thought to add to the list.

Whilst the path to determine about whom I speak may be an easy one to trace, I keep all concerned nameless – the names are not the important part – it is by far their outlook, perspective, and character  – that today left me feeling so sure that I have made the right move for the long term. I think that is the main point I once again dance around, rather than cutting straight to the chase – companies are made up of people (yes, yes – I know) but there is zero by way of guarantee, to truly know if the people you are entrusting to run your business are aligned with your vision, your goal – and whilst in every situation people come and go – you hope that the core members of any team, at some point, are able to find the right blend of dream team, from whom a collective is created that really does move forward with one group goal in mind.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing is perfect, and there are always frustrations created from the imperfect nature of life – but I find myself in a situation that has left me completely surprised by just hoe many non connected people have said the same positive things about the same company and people, and for those comments, to this point, to have been proved totally justified. A welcome such as this I have not experienced before – to the point of a collective of ten or more people, first thing in the morning, descending on me like old friends, to welcome me to my new surroundings as if I had been away for months and now just returning (I felt as though I should have had gifts handy to pass out – can you imagine what it will be like on your birthday my girlfriend said to me……)

I hope of course that day 90 is the same as day 1, and if I am fair – I can’t at this point see how it would not be


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