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Standing Out in the Crowd

There are various times every day, when we need to make the effort to take that step forward, stand out from the crowd and place ourselves on show for one reason or another. There will be those people for whom this is the scariest prospect ever. The idea that they may be in the spotlight, or worse – responsible for a decision that, should it go wrong, will see them held accountable…..better to just keep quiet, right?

unfortunately, I am not very good at keeping quiet.

There have been many circumstances during which I have needed to make that “spotlight point” or be the person who puts himself out there to make a stand that I feel strongly enough about, either for personal needs or the needs of the business / client / team that I represent.

As my mother still reminds me though, it is never what you say, but always how you say it that ultimately counts.

With that in mind, a couple of key points that I have picked up along the way:

Battles V Wars
Know when to draw the line. Standing out from the crowd where this is concerned in no way means that you should push people to the point of alienation through the interactions that you have. By all means fight for what you believe. Stand out in a positive way, by making your point known, standing up for what you belive and, where standards are concerned, always striving for better. However, there are always bigger pictures to consider. Whilst there is always the option for debate, the desire by like minded people to move to the next level, rarely will all things be possible in the blink of an eye. With that in mind, you need to understand the constraints the person you are speaking to may be under, or the fact that they ned to bear in mind any number of other elements that require them to push back for any reason. At all times, you need to avoid pushing them to far, and a key skill is to recognize when you need to pull back.

In the events industry, it is hard to remain a wallflower. There is little time to fall, behind the times, and as part of the competitive nature of our business, we need to stand out in order to be noticed. There are of course many ways to do this, but in all cases, it is how we start the process – by listening to the needs of our clients, that will allow for us to then move forward with the stand out ideas within our arsenal of creativity. There is a tendency during this more challenging time within the marketplace, to either make knee jerk reactions to any given situation, or to try just that bit to hard to make a “super dupa” first impression. There needs to be the balance – learn your business and personal strengths. Stick to your guns and don’t compromise on any element (see past blog post) that you feel strongly enough about (but don’t forget point one above). Always have your clients best interest at heart, and remember – you have NO idea where a chance encounter may take you.

Not just work
unfortunately, there is also the need to stand out from the crowd “outside” of work – or more to the point, when you are looking for work – a real reality check of late for so many. Here too, all of the above, and more, applies, but maybe packaged slightly differently. Also to consider;

How you look – You are never fully dressed without a smile
How you speak
Your knowledge of the product (you) and product you hope to represent – DO YOUR HOMEWORK
Questions – ensure you have some relevant ones to ask
Be interesting, and interested
Speak but don’t ramble
Be confident but not cocky

Above all – believe in you

As with most topics, there is always more to discuss – but as always, I am interested to hear from you, your experiences and what you have learned. So, get in touch


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