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Flexibility in an Inflexible world. Part 1

I have spoken on previous occasions about flexibility. Flexibility within ourselves as event managers – to see the wider picture, and within the business that we represent – to recognise the need to adjust an outlook without fear of it being at the expense of something else – to be a trend setter rather than follower. I wanted to briefly revisit this – as we come to the end of the yearly events calendar and take a sneaky peak in to the year ahead.

Several thing have become clear over this past year and in some way they all relate to flexibility. As a venue, there has been the need to look at all spaces, all elements of the products we offer, and see just how much better we can make them. How – with a twist, we can completely transform them – and in doing so offer a whole new product to our clients. I mention it daily to different people, when assessing what we need to understand about our clients and the competition for their business. There are many venues out there, 5* and otherwise, fighting for the chance to WOW every one of the people who walk through their door. Their success, and ours, will be measured both on the conversion of business, but that success will in a large part, be down to how we have listened to the needs of our client and done what they can to exceed their expectation.

The flexibility comes in on every level, and it begins with the understanding that clients are no longer lucky to walk through our door – but very much the opposite. The companies and Brands (brand “us” included) we represent may allow for a certain luxury of “more enquiries” being pushed our way – but it is what we then do with them that counts. There is too, the need from the next level up – to find a balance of what we are used to doing V what needs to change for the needs of our business. There is a tendency to either stick to your guns and avoid making any kind of change, for fear of it – or to make a knee jerk reaction that has not been thought through and finds itself being overturned a short time later.

This isn’t flexibility.

We need to take stock, assess our goals and objectives, and ensure that we are maximizing our time – if we talk the team talk, then all members of this team need to group together and move forward together – pooling skills, ideas and resources and recreating the desire and loyalty that makes people want to return to our venues tome and time again. We have to be open to change. Open to doing things differently and dispensing with the idea that “this is how we have always done it”. As an individual, we may have to put in more time, do more leg work, and fight that bit harder for our share of the pie.

Always have the bigger picture in mind, and the answer to one simple question. Did I do everything I could have…..?


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