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Flexibility Part 2

So, following on from last weeks blog post on the wider elements of flexibility – I wanted to touch on a couple of more specific points that cover a range of topics within the roles that we do….starting with;

Always an interesting one, and especially within the market at the moment where the client is even more king than they have been in the past. I have mentioned it on countless occasions, the balance between how lucky we are that our clients want to hold an event with us, and the flexibility we show to recognize this, is key and will set up all sort of precedence for the remainder of the event. There is no doubt that we need to ensure that we are valuing our product correctly, able to stand up to our * rating, and more – and exceed all expectation where possible. We still though, need to find the balance, benchmark our competitors to see what they are doing, and whilst not selling ourselves short – realise that it is value for money that our clients want to strive for.

Any Event organiser we are working with has someone they are accountable to. Either it is “Daddy”, or a boss, their boss and so on. Having previously mentioned it too – listening is always the best starting point

Post Contract negotiation
A real howler at the moment and something I had never previously experienced. There seems to be a tendency to negotiate after a contract has ben sent, and from a personal standpoint I have a bit of an issue with this. On the one hand I will preach flexibility, but I draw the line – in an instance where we have honestly met all budget and on site commitments, to be then held to ransom in the search for an even better deal once others may have been turned away from the space you now have (this is of course also true when you have, as an individual, committed to a set price or such like, for a wedding you may be prospecting for). It is indicative of the horrible process of guzumping in the housing market – and whilst I can get as frustrated with this as I want, I just dont think this is going away any time soon. I would expect a team of mine to ask the right questions before quoting – It isn’t really fair (for want of a better word) when in reverse the same courtesy is not paid.

Expecting the earth
Even when things are signed and sealed, we have to be flexible when it comes to the expectations of our clients. This includes, but is not exclusive to, “Time” – the balance of you becoming an on call concierge. The idea of  – “I am paying you a lot of money, surely you can just throw this in” and an all time classic, what I call the million dollar classic – “Do you know who is coming to this event?, if you do this for me, you are guaranteed more business”…….

I think the main points surrounding flexibility are this – and for anyone in a similar position none of this will be new news. We have to assess each point at which we are being asked to bend or stretch a little more. I believe that if a client genuinely believes that you have considered all options for them – with them, that you will then find that a more balanced understanding and respect will exist and create solid foundations for a good working relationship. If you believe in your product, your ability and the vision you have to exceed expectation, clients will still meet your premium – knowing that to go elsewhere will just mean some kind of dissapointment later down the line.

Be honest, stand firm, but always consider the entire picture.


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