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How does car insurance remind me of events…..?

When I first thought about writing a blog post, I really wanted it to have a slightly different approach to others I had read,  just musings that people would no doubt find a little boring (it still baffles me why people want to read my tweets) and lose interest in pretty quickly. I then thought about the world I frequent on a daily basis, events, and from there the slight twist, of how to best relate this life in events to every day experiences.

After a while it became clear that the idea was a cheap one, following up on every occasion a little more difficult. It seems, I have led a slightly less exciting life than I had first thought. Well, to be fair, this isn’t totally true – growing up the eldest of 6, leaving home for the army….marriage, children…..divorce…….changes of career, good fortune and great people / places and pimples (but that can really be for another time) – ok, so I guess I do have things to say, and sometimes, like this post here, you just need a nudge in the right direction.

And so we reach this evening. I return from work to find a letter from my car insurer notifying me that my insurance has been cancelled as of a weeks time, due to non receipt of information, I KNOW (excuse the raised voice) I have sent them some time ago. Now, I do on occasion suffer from the “its in front of my nose syndrome” – common in men who are looking for an object (doesn’t matter what) can not find it ANYWHERE (apologies once again) – until someone else points it out to us right under our nose….but I swear it was not there a second ago…..This time however, I have the written proof and I know I am not going insane.

Anyway, long story short…..and a couple of points I had no idea about but are worth sharing even if you do;

– You may think you have earned “X” number of years no claims bonus, but some insurers only pass on a maximum number that could be way less

– The new insurer is under no obligation to accept anything other than this maximum number, and you could lose the difference in number of years earned

– If you have to pay an excess to get your windscreen replaced (and even if you dont) this is likely to freeze an entire years worth of no claims credit

–  It is more than likely that you will have to do all the leg work when trying to sort this mess out to avoid getting in to real trouble when the insurance is cancelled

This, I hear you sigh, is of course all very interesting, but what about the “bringing it back to relevance”……ok, ok…..

One of the most common problems that occurs through the event management process, and something which also can suffer from the fateful word, perception – is the difference between what we think our clients asked for and what they think they asked for – the questions that we did ask, and those we took a little for granted and decided not to. The occasions when we thought we had let “everyone know”, and yet forgot to tell the key individual who we have now pissed off….and where our clients are concerned, the balance between meeting and exceeding their expectation through ever element of the event, including how we deal with the feedback they may give us.

There was little point in me giving an ear bashing to the poor ladies who were somewhere in the world on the customer help line – and I didn’t. To be fair to both, they were very polite indeed – and I already knew there was little to be gained from anything other than clarification on the one hand of what I needed to do and getting my soon to be cancelled insurance reinstated on the other. So too in the events world. You need to be very aware of so many balls in the air all being juggled at the same time, and cover every eventuality as part of your management process. There will be times that you are sure you confirmed something, booked something, and in certain instances, cancelled something.

The best advice I can give is to check, check, check – ask if you are not sure, and use your colleagues and team mates as a sounding board to best handle any given situation that you feel you need to step away from for a moment in order to gather breath. Whilst you are away, you may also want to check your insurance small print – but that I leave up to you.


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