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The last three….for now

So, with the year drawing to a close, I wanted to think about the last few posts of 2011, and the direction moving forward for the start of next year. I am no expert in money saving matters and so advice from me about how not to go in to debt over Christmas is of little use. Although the events world may be in full swing at the moment, the last thing any event manager really wants to think about is another mouthful of turkey…..and in a world where Christmas and Chanukah collide (my kids nanny loves to call it Chrismakah, love it) it seems there is no end to the present buying and card writing.

So, I thought I would keep things simple;

Me – does anyone ever really click that button

My favourite posts since July

Thoughts for the coming year

Of course, none of the above takes away from the Christmas / New Year special that you always get, and so why not so for a blog post.

But for now, and with that in mind, a link below – to the first post I ever wrote, a pre post if you will, a little about me – and the chance for you to all see a rare picture of me dressed in tight shorts that thankfully, didn’t dictate my fashion sense in later life…..

I hope you will stick around for more posts, start to reach out in return, and pass on your own thoughts and experiences about the events world in which we live. For now, the tight shorts will have to do


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