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Snow and Sunrise

Just one of those intermittent posts – how I wish it would have looked this morning when riding to work. Instead, sleet rather than snow – colder, wetter and more miserable than it has been in a while (well, this week aside)….Although, did find myself hypnotised somewhat, watching the water spray off my tyres – had to be careful to keep at least one eye on the road….and I spent 15 mins making a poor attempt to blow dry my socks so that they wont be soaking, still, when I ride home later….

Anyway, there is something more than special about the fleeting visits the sun pays us, to the cold winter mornings – and it’s what makes this time of year that bit more special. Wrap up, huddle close, and listening to the sound of the rain hitting the window – a strange relaxation in a way that no summers day can be….a walk on the heath and a flask of hot chocolate for break time….but like most things, its all about the who….x

Have a great weekend.


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