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Top of The Pops, My Top 5

60 blog posts on and with Christmas on the way, I thought it time for a quick review of my favourite posts this half year gone.

I am hoping to write up a half year review before the end of 2011, and my thoughts for the blog moving in to 2012. In the meantime, I am still hoping that I can find some further reaching readership in these last few days and figured that people new to the blog may not always take the time to sift back through old posts, rather starting from whichever point they caught on….

So, and for impartiality sake, in no particular order….

My first Post

The Lesson Learnt, that disaster story…disaster-story/

Expensive Watches, Expensive Events…vents-a-legacy/

How Not to Approach an Interview…h-an-interview/

The Curse of “They”…-curse-of-they/

and one for luck

I met the Nicest Client Today

Looking back through these posts, and the others I have written during this past six months, I hope that the original aim, to take a slightly different approach to the events world in which I work, has been fulfilled – but overall it’s always been trying to hear back from other people out there who may have gone through any kind of similar experiences, and hear how they dealt with them.

So, in to the New Year, and as I have said on different occasions, it would be great to hear from you



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