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Where do we go for 2012 – Back To The Future

So, there is is then, bye bye to 2011, and hello to 2012. This could be the big one folks for so many reasons, and as I try and look back over 2011, there is little time to really catch ones breath before starting all over again. My boss made a valid point recently, that however good a year we had, come January 1st 2012, everything goes back to zero, and we begin with a clean slate and new challenges.

This of course is very true in the hotel world, and equally so within the world of events. Ideally the results come December 31st speak volumes about the hard work that everyone has put in and rewards are equally great – but there is the catch 22, that feeling that the praise may be short lived, whilst for some, also being able to step slowly out of the shadows in the event that things didn’t go as well as we would have wanted.

I remember several years ago, in the lead up to the end of the year – things had been tough for me, and I was really trying to get out of a rut that was snowballing, with the best I could hope for, the treading of water, rather than swimming freely towards the end of a year. It didn’t seem to mater what I did, my judgement seemed off, and I couldn’t create the space I needed to find my feet once more. This period right at the end of the year created that space, and I can pinpoint one event, January 23rd and a really big wedding that I had been working on for the whole of the previous year… of the most, if not the most ,challenging of my entire events career to date…..that turned things around for me and began to set a benchmark for a recovery from which I believe I have not looked back from.

Anyway, and back to my point – the beginning of a New Year provides for us an opportunity to look ahead and set a marker for where we want to be at the end of it. I don’t intend to write a large number of words below about my year just gone and the elements of it which I am sure will be of little interest….although I will mention a couple of very significant instances that will no doubt continue to develop in the coming year, all of which had origins in this. In no specific order, as always…..

  • November saw me start a new and exciting Events role with an amazing Brand and set of people, who I genuinely believe, love the company they represent, and from every indication so far, stay a part of it for many, many years. Who knows what exotic destinations await come 2012
  • Marathon Man – a personal goal set, to complete a third London Marathon – and this time in a personal best time
  • Cycle me….in line with the above, getting in to cycling, come rain or shine – although needing to start serious training if the above is to be realised
  • Twitter – finally listening to a great friend and taking the plunge, whist trying to stay relevant….
  • The blog – equally so. Big hope for next year – increased readership and some special guest stars
  • Travel, Cannes was amazing – I hope more of Europe will be seen come the end of 2012
  • Being a part of a big article for Hotel magazine – made me feel a bit special that did
  • And, really best till last – Sarah….and although I will not shmultz this up more than is needed, sometimes people really do get lucky – and I have

So, the events world – where is that going to go in the New Year. I would say this. The Olympics is going to be a focal point of the year whichever way you look at it. For better or worse, it is coming, like an out of control juggernaut, and nothing is going to stop it. Be prepared or don’t be – at your perril……buy a bike, get out of dodge, bury your head in the sand….whatever makes you feel better – but it is coming and there is nothing you can do about it. How the events world is effected pre and post is still a little bit of a guessing game, but in line with the other trend of last, I would say that it will still be a couple of months before people show their hand and and confirm anything (maybe more).

This ties in too with the more general state of the events world. Last minute events will continue to dominate, clients holding out until the last minute for both the best deal and clarification that the money they will be spending will yield them the best ROI for their investment.

Social events will continue to peak and trough with the time of year in which they fall – with a continued strong showing for venues that reside outside of London and offer something different to Generation X. I love some of the original ideas I have seen on any number of blogs and websites, for the DIY wedding celebration, that I feel will also be around a lot more – creativity within every aspect of the event, with the cost conscious preferring to save for the future rather than have expensive memories and no roof.

For the blog, I hope to branch out a little over the coming few months, trying to find the time to search and recommend other sites for you to visit and enjoy, whilst in turn trying to see if there aren’t a few people out there who wouldn’t like to guest write on my site, or have me review theirs. Easy ideas, but in reality, with so much information out there on the Interweb (got to love Grandma expressions) – it still amazes me that anyone has the time to read at all.

There is a problem with new years resolutions – they either aim to high and create disappointment when forfeited – or don’t hold any real weight, and therefore quickly fall by the wayside come January 3rd. Its for that reason I dont make any. I prefer to try and continually / gradually make a change where change is needed – whilst always taking in to account the wise words of Sarah – that in reality, it’s about being a good person – and with that, everything else will find it’s place.

Happy New year….


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