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goodbye 2011, hello 2012 – an ode

The wind blows all around him, pin like rain beating down and being thrust one by one in to his face,
He wipes away the water with disdain,
Finally coming to a brief standstill at the end of the 2011 cliff – for what seems like the first time in an age,
He winces slightly as the dull pain in his leg – as it begins to creep like a vine slowly upwards,
Kicks in as the adrenalin wears off and reminds him of the need to soon be on the move again,
Feet like concrete, unable to lift a muscle

As our superhero looks on in to the distance, his eyes slowly shut and his breath deepens,
Silence, and yet a head so full of memory – emotion…..a showreel of life as it plays behind closed eye,
And then,


As his eyes begin to open and a ray of sun fights its way through a silvery grey cloud,
Illuminating the angel,
Looking back is fruitless – for we are only as good as our future we create,
Fickle is the world in which events reside, 
And few are the moments when good is good enough,

As if trying to lift heaven itself, body battered and bruised,
dragging our feet backwards, the run up essential if he is to make the distance,
Listening to the sound of beating heart – slowly at first, faster still
he sets off – a raging bull, the shackles of pain left by the wayside as he builds up speed,
Faster and with one almighty cry skyward,

The leap……in to the new


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