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The Wheels Just Keep on Turnin……

There isn’t much to say about the start of a New Year,

It’s a little quiet for sure, although still the events keep coming – the remnants of euphoria (ideally) about a great year just gone dwindles – and already and the first day of school feeling has well and truly passed….you’ve seen the friends you missed, snapped your new shatterproof ruler in half, and laid all new pens and pencils out in your most non OCD order of preference. Names neatly written on new pads, and shoes polished…..ah, the smell of newness wafts through the office like a bottle of cool water aftershave…..

Some would say that this is the hardest week of the year with so much of nothing happening, dark to work and dark home again and for some reason, hours passing like decades.

The question therefore is a simple one.

If the wheels on the bus go round and round….all day long… do I ensure that come the end of the ride I have travelled a worthwhile distance?

There is no miracle as to how, without the assistance of pro plus, coffee, electric shocks (other forms of stimulants available) etc, one can both stay awake and stay motivated through these next couple of weeks, until things get so busy that when you turn around, you have no time to do all those things that you said you were going to get to when a drop in business levels allowed you to. HANG ON !!! he says…..

A couple of areas you might like to consider  in advance of mad times setting in once more.

Policies and procedures
Are we all set for the new year, and do we know where we want to be? Of course, we are unlikely to get to everything. However, review those things that kept cropping up through 2011 that you really had no time to look in to and would make a big difference to the smooth running of your events / team

Deposits, outstanding balances, credits
By no means overly WOW on the interesting scale, but for events that took place right at the end of December, and for those scheduled for late January onwards, are we clear about what we are owed, deposits we still need to collect and payment schedules? No one wants to get off on the wrong financial footing, and now is a great time to have this area also secure

More fun for sure. The chance to touch base with all those people you never had the time to see and continue to build relationships with them all. This is one of the areas I would really like to improve on myself for this year as a whole. The opportunity to meet so many different people, all of whom I can help and can help me – and by definition therefore, help  my clients. Trying to cover so many bases can be really tough, and its much easier to call on experts that can help and guide us. Whilst still resisting Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are really great for this

Talking to the team
Not always easy to have everyone round the table for anything more than a few minutes, and this quieter time really affords us the opportunity to sit for a little longer with our team and from there begin formulating goals and objectives for the year ahead. Ensuring everyone is on the same page can really make a difference once differing work levels sees people “go their own way” and spend less time coming up for air

Of course, these are but a few of my humble suggestions, and in line with a change to the blog for this year, I really would like to hear your ideas, comments and feedback as to how you keep you own mind on track and motivate your teams during these less exciting times.

Hope to hear from you soon


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