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Managing the biggest event of all – life

There is a long list, of things that have, over these past few days, assisted not with my stress levels.

On Sunday, I was in Westfield (other shopping centres available) and not for the first time, my blackberry decides to just die on me. Now, I have resisted for many a year, and in spite of the fact that I am a massive apple fan, in getting an iPhone, partly because I am convinced my fingers are to big to work the keyboard, but also because like many, I quite like BBM. I fear a change is due, and that with the launch no doubt soon of the iPhone 5, I will convert like so many before me.

It did not help either, that I was shopping with Sarah and having taken no time over these past eight months to learn her number off by heart, I got separated from her, and nearly ended up having my name called over the tanoy like a lost child (oh the memories*)

*(When I was five I loved to sit in Mothercare in Brent Cross and watch the busses. On one occasion I became separated from my mum, and, being unable to find her, I found my way to the Brent Cross office and had my name called out over the tanoy. Funnier still, was that I was known as Little Aron when I was younger as I had the same name as my cousin who was older and known as Big Aron. So, over the tanoy comes a message; “Can the mother of Little Aron please make her way to the office….” – priceless)

Anyway, adding insult to this personal injury there is the small matter of my January 2nd bank holiday parking ticket and a website that doesn’t do what it says it can, my parking permits back and forth, as I wait for a lady to call me on every occasion except for one when I can actually speak to her, my car insurance fiasco that doesn’t seem to end no matter how many times I send in the same requested information and then the real cream of the crop, The tax man – and my complete stupidity in trying to do the right thing.

And then, as if by magic and out of nowhere, the deadlines that have appeared from left field at work and that feeling that you are actually in mid December mode rather than the beginning of January, and clients who must have that hour call today – the one that you had been asking to have for so many weeks – because they need their answers “now”

Sometimes I wonder how I am so very good at juggling and just how people cope in the world of events when so much else is going on around them that they also have to manage as well as their clients and events.

Firstly I say this, im not always good at juggling.

There is a real balance that has to be found when working in events and ensuring that whilst you could spend every waking moment (and some sleeping ones) both worrying and doing “just one more thing”….that you don’t and create the breathing space between one day and the next. I am someone who wears his heart on his sleeve, and whilst this can be good on occasion, it can also be my kryptonite – when my eyes speak louder than any words could ever do.

I have gotten in to the habit of writing lists that form the basis for what I need to get done in any given week. These of course change on a daily basis, and in doing so become populated with a combination of things that are “even more important” and things that pop in to my head that have to at least on my radar. There is nothing better than ticking something off that list, but is there a sure fire way to ensure that nothing slips through the net?

What do you do when the clock strikes nine and the end is nowhere in sight?

One key element has to be speaking up. If you work on your own with little support then this has to be the point at which you realise one client may suffer should you take on another. In the team world, I would say it is the ability to hold your hand up and say “I need help” I am a big believer that this is not a weakness but a strength. However, I would say this. There is always someone who has it worse than you, and in asking for that help you need to be quite clear that you are asking for the right reason and not due to your own poor time management.

Personally, I start at the beginning and shuffle my hand as I go. Like most of the topics I touch on, there is no one way to do something, and I would love to hear from you how you manage your day and deal with your the out of the blue moments.


One response to “Managing the biggest event of all – life

  1. Callisi ⋅

    Great post. Delegation is what you need…

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