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The Marathon, Event…..

So, for those keeping tabs, and apologies in advance for much self publicising during these coming months, the 2012 London Marathon is just a couple of months away.

I am not as well prepared as I would have wanted to be, and although this will be the third time around, lessons from second time around leave me somewhat “thoughtful” about these next few weeks ahead. There are many stories that you will hear from those people taking on so called mammoth sporting challenges, and the fateful and somewhat mystical “wall” that at some point appears from nowhere. That moment when everything screams at you, no!, and the mental anguish involved in just taking that first, and hardest “next step” leaves you feeling like you have conquered Everest once you do, and as you come through the finish line triumphant, all pain vanishes.

I was lucky enough to avoid meeting the wall first time around, and only need a small step ladder to overcome it last year. Preparations for this years race have left me quite worried that I may have a harder set of bricks to climb some time around Canary Wharf and 19 miles in, on this years run, and yet the best way my head is telling me to approach the prep, is just as before, and ensure that my mind is stronger than my legs might have be believe it is.

And then, riding to work this morning, I began to think, just how similar the approach to big events is, whether they be sporting or otherwise, those we take part in or are asked to arrange on behalf of others.

At some point along the long journey, we find ourselves going through a cycle of emotions – those that leave us on a high, and sometimes feeling low – the pressure we put on ourselves to get it right, and the balancing of all the daily tasks we have to manage, together with exceeding the expectations of our clients and their guests. Getting up on a cold January morning to run a few miles before work, berating ourselves when we don’t, and talking ourselves in to a positive mental outlook, that things are “better” than at that moment they may seem to be.

No day is the same, and how we manage it is ultimately up to us. The spin we put on a particular incident can sometimes be the difference between good and great, and there may be a time when you have to fake it till you make it…..

Nothing beats the feeling of a happy client, a happy individual and personal triumph – I would love to hear how you meet your own challenges, and the feelings you have when you do.


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