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Priorities, have you got yours?

What a week, and with a weekend full of work ahead, as well as the same for the next, I am barely into a 13 day stretch. As I sit here, my brain is frazzled and all I can really do is smile. Sometimes you just have weeks like this – where your teams pre booked holiday always seems to pop up at the wrong time, one leaving to seek out new opportunities and one going on six months paternity as you do…..all in all, spread just a little thin – to say the least.

And so, with the phone ringing off the hook, questions left, right and centre from clients and colleagues, and any number of events on my doorstep, all of which want time I can’t give them, how are you meant to prioritise to a level that doesn’t then leave you in need of medication as you work 15 hour days as though it’s the norm?

Does something always have to give?

At times like this, there is the need to be direct – with others in order to buy the breathing space you need, and with yourself, enough to decide which of the “all important” things on your lists have to get done first. The option of running yourself in to the ground is not really an option at all, and yet, I am sure you as I, have sat with head in hands and wondered just when the merry-go-round will stop.

Key too, is the support and guidance you receive, or can call upon from others. Some may be lucky enough to have a mentor who is fully aware of just what is going on around them, or someone who – when taking all things in to consideration, is able to suspend their own “priority” list in favour of those who need their support. None of this is easy. Everyone is relied on by someone else, deadlines are not exclusive, and at some point, we all run the risk of missing something that proves key – and can then affect the success of our events.

My pearls therefore are this;

Speak up. People are not mind readers, and if you don’t speak then how is anyone meant to know you need help

Breathe. Do your best to keep your head whilst those around you are losing theirs. It tends to be at times like this that real skill shines through

Balance. Your own, and the time you still set aside for those that need you. Don’t expect more from others, than you yourself are willing to give

And if all else fails, fake it till you make it using your best “no problem” smile

I would love to hear just how you manage your priority list – is there one thing you never compromise on come what may?


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