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Accrington Stanley, who are they? – Echzakly….

Back in the 80’s, without doubt one of my favourite adverts, and one that has stayed with me until now, is the Accrington Stanley milk advert

And as I sit here this evening, writing this post with the Barcelona game on a different tab (sound only until I hear Messi off for yet another darting run), a question pops in to my head;

“How can we all be a little more like Barcelona?”

Possibly the best sports team in the world at the moment, comprising of individual brilliance, which comes together to form a single unit with one goal (excuse the pun) in mind – who have earned unparalleled success and are respected the world over.

(And how come they always look so trendy on and off the field)

There is little time in the events world to breathe, and with that comes a truly fine balancing act, which is required to guide and drive your own team – whilst recognising their needs, and the pressure you are placed under by those you report to, who expect their ever changing list of priorities to fall in to place within your day to day role – somewhat like a game of Tetris……where the early levels are easy, as the speed is pretty slow, and you have time to forecast where your next piece will go. As things get faster, time is short, and the gap between shapes shorter – and then, the first time that you miss your slot, everything then builds and all lines are then harder to clear, until it’s game over.

I am still learning how to be a really good manager. There are the days when I wonder just how I am meant to meet everyone’s expectation, and still balance my own books. What people see from behind their closed office door is different to sitting in the bull pit and experiencing just how crazy things can be from one day to the next. There is a difference between knowing what needs to be done, and having the support in place to help you with making thing happen. And then, there is the changing needs of our clients, the responses they want within an instantaneous timeframe, updates required for events that are six months away and the “drop everything” moments when that last minute roadshow books for tomorrow, never mind residents for today.

I am trying to learn how to break things down, create and work flexibly through my daily to do list, whilst also not forgetting something, or leaving anything to chance. It is not as easy as the list itself, and as you watch the clock tick past 21.00 for the third consecutive night running, it will be those things you felt could wait to the next day that will invariably be the things someone else now insists can not wait.

At this moment in time, I am just tired, and searching for clear answers that allude me. I would love to hear from you, how do you make the balance work for you – how to keep yourself motivated as you do the same for your team – and then living each day somewhat in a fog as the anxiety hits before the clock even strikes 9….how do you be your own Barcelona?


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