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Try not. Do or do not, there is no try

From favourite adverts last week, to films this.

The scene is set, as Yoda and Luke face off post yet another levitation failure during his grueling training regime…..its dark, murky and damp in the swamps of Dagobah…..and to be fair, after a hard day at work, a pointy eared muppet is no one’s preferred master.

And then, the little man speaks, a life lesson passed on in ten short words;

“Try not. Do or do not, there is no try”

(Small note here for messes DZ and GF – no need to requite to me next time we meet)

There are times when we all have a good moan. Question decisions and ask ourselves “why”. I’ve had some of these myself these past few weeks. With less than 3 to go before I pound the pavements for Marathon day, I ask myself why I bothered when I’ve run and trained less than either of the other two I’ve already done, and when training has been so tough to do – and fund raising harder still……what’s it all for!?

Then on the work front, when things just seem that bit more difficult than they’ve been before, and the mud you trawl through on a daily basis is that bit   more heavy……calling into question ability and focus.

So once again, the question may be easy to ask and difficult to answer – “How can we try less, and do more?” (Funny the two ways that could be read)

I’ve spoken about support networks on countless other occasions, but at times like this its more key than ever to both bond, empathise and drive forward as a team, and have the support of those you may call boss. Do we sometimes find ourselves without that? possibly – does this effect our need to get on with the job?, not really.

Stop! Take half a step back and breathe. There is a tendency to let yourself feel overwhelmed at the enormity of everyday life and the commitments we make outside of it. Balancing the world of events with any other is no easy task – and for those lucky enough to have a wonderful support at home, its key too, not to lose sight of what they also need from you as their support (love my Callisi)

Slap yourself around the face now and again. Sometimes we lose perspective and either feel the grass is greener on the other side or that we are hard done by, the world owing us something.  Think the scene in Airplane, yet another film classic, where Elaine Starts to babble on and on……needing that slap in order to then re group and gather thoughts.

 The fact is this. How we approach difficult times, defines us, and whist its nice to have a somewhat easier life, where then is the challenge – the hill to climb and fear to overcome – the accomplishment…..

Events is not the industry for those that want a 9-5 lifestyle, and we all knew that getting in to it. If you were to call it quits at every hurdle, life and whatever job you took thereafter, would always have that same door left slightly ajar, in the event you just decided one day that it wasn’t for you. Whilst we all have choices and need to enjoy what we do – stability and strong foundations are also key. Make a point therefore of surrounding yourself with the right people. Its the best start.


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