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A taste of things to come

Apologies in advance, for taking a short break from the weekly blog this week, as the brain goes in to pre Marathon overdrive, I can’t seem to take fragmented thought and make much sense of anything currently flying around my head.

So, a quick run down of some posts to come, and the hope that you will stick with me, your insights always welcome…..

“The wedding”
You think you’ve seen it all, and then along comes a doozy

“Estimates of charges”
When people think you are a bank, and events hang in the balance

The unfortunate tale of the external event manager

“Last minute rushes”
Are we ever prepared enough?

“When knowing what to expect just isn’t good enough”
Handling the boss

I look forward to sharing thoughts with you and hearing what you have to say – and in the meantime, spare a thought for me come 09.30 on Sunday…..



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