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When good just isn’t good enough

With the European Football Championship well and truly underway, there is the point at which, as an England supporter, you feel that it is just another lonely road to disappointment. In fact, last night watching Ireland lose again, although I felt for them as any neutral would have, I felt equally happy that Torres was able to score a couple of really good goals and remind doubters in the process, just how good a player he is (there is a big lesson there).

The other consideration as an England supporter, is the minimal expectation that exists, recognizing that there is more chance that 11 amazing up and coming Spanish players will find they have English grandmothers, mothers, fathers dogs – that make them eligible to play for England, and then more so – they decide to do so over playing for Spain – than there is of England (or at least the previous crop) winning this or any other meaningful trophy (of which there is only one other – and no chance of a 1966 repeat any time soon)

And so it is, that when the team that never fails to underwhelm pull off a draw (all be it a well earned one) against a better team and one which may actually be a contender, that people sit up and say well done….pat them on the back and say  “good job” – before beginning to change their tune a little and get carried away with the unrealistic dream that England too are contenders for the same crown.

In the events world, good is like “nice” – nice is like “ok” and ok is never good enough. Sometimes you do need to take a step back. There can be occasions when you have found yourself working with a very specific type of individual and just getting through the event itself is an accomplishment that you just want to share with the world, before taking a deep breath and moving on to the next thing.

However, for the most part, and in a world where you always aim to excel on behalf of your clients, nothing short of “WOW, I was not expecting that”, is acceptable.

All to often there may not be time to stop and think, when you know that something works, you tend to stick with it rather than taking a chance – time, you tell yourself, doesn’t allow for creativity or stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new – its all to much like hard work, and by taking the chance, there is more chance you will fail.

I am reading the same book at the moment, over and over – and will touch on it during next weeks post, but one specific point is clear – making a mistake is better than having a regret. If you are happy to be the kind of person who is satisfied with a draw then you are also likely to be the person who will never win the big prize. That said, and excuse the consistent football analogies – without the right team around you, it won’t matter if you are Torres, Maradonna or Pelé – no team survives through one person alone.

So what now?

I don’t presume to imply that anyone is happy to settle for good, but if good is where you are at, and then you have great to aim for. If you think you are at great, then you will want to aim for excellent. If you sit at ok, then yours is the easiest journey make. There are a lot of “ok’s” out there, breaking away is the leap of faith moment that will already set you apart and on the road to “somewhere”

I would love to hear of your good to great moments – how have you been able to keep your head and slot home from 6 yards out when the pressure was really on?


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