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Working On Your Own Event. Great Idea, Or The Worst Idea Ever?

Life seems to be split pretty much down the middle at the moment. On the one hand, we have my post of yesterday, a video pretty much summing up one big half of everything floating around my head (and to be fair, if you have never seen the film Wanted this is a classic piece of cinema and something that at some point in time everyone of us may want to do) – as the place in which I spend most of any given day is not really….well, enough said for now….

And on the other hand, as I cast my mind back just a week, when at this time I was in sunny Cannes with the beautiful @MissCallis – and just one day away from asking girlfriend to become fiancée – looking out over the city from the hills, at a beautiful villa I can not call my own and surrounded by a number of people we did not know. In any event, the moment was right and as Sarah’s Facebook status gave testament to – “he asked, and I said yes”

And so the inevitable question has been asked – “Will you be arranging your own wedding?” and I ask you…..would you?!

Here in lies one of the great conundrums of the event manager. Do I, Don’t I?

In my head I can do it better than anyone else that may otherwise do it for me… my head, it is also a pressure I could really do without. And does any of this make a difference when, second time around for the both of us – the plan is to make it so intimate and informal (well as intimate as you can when said fiancée has over 1000 Facebook friends she genuinely does refer to as friends) that shorts and T-shirts could be the dress code of the day….?

I have arranged weddings for clients who worked in the events industry – it was not fun. For a client who worked within the production industry, he even charged commission for bringing the hotel his own wedding – as we Jewish people like to say; “what a Chutzpah!”

There is no doubt that the more you are involved, the less you can enjoy it – at some point something will push you too far and with that comes an argument, either with a family member of your own, of your fiancée’s or worse – your wife to be herself….and before the making up can begin, you still have to go “back to work”

So what to do?

If this were the first marriage for either of us  I would most likely defer to my lovely wife to be, who had no doubt been thinking about this day for an eternity, and with that I would buy a suit, turn up and smile. This time around, Sarah and I really just want to be together, and the pomp and circumstance that goes with that really isn’t all that important. We love our friends, we love music – we love a good glass of red, and we love the outdoors, rain or shine….I am sure with this mix (and the added value that my new sister in law to be is a kick ass DJ) – we are pretty much sorted.

That said, and as plans develop, I will keep you all posted – but for now, I would love to hear if you have come up against the same quandary – and what your decision was.


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