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Nearly There…The Olympics Are Upon Us

And so it is…..

It’s here, and there is no stopping it now…..

An almost  “hold your breath moment” as the “will it won’t it” question that so many have asked, will be answered.

There are only a few worldwide events that command this level of attention, and this is probably the only one not connected to football.

The hard work of so many, and in the blink of an eye it’s all over. I will be seeing the games from the “lower ground floor” – watching out of the window whilst 50,000 people trample Hyde Park to bits every other day – although I do hope to pop out come Marathon day and watch the action street side. No doubt, when they all realise they need the loo we may find our lobby somewhat overwhelmed. I am not sure either how easy it will even be to get to work, with the IOC seconds away and Park Lane narrowed to a squeeze whilst Olympic lanes take over.

I look forward to writing about how it went, whereas at this time all I can think about is whether all of my event details will be ready and confirmed in time – with members of the groups I am working with imminently walking through the door. It’s funny – Having been working on this for so long, and mapping out timelines as best we could, what has become evident is that even in this world of precision event management where everything is literally mapped out to the second – the details are still all very last minute.

Everyone is cashing in as best they can, and there is little doubt that this entire year + has been one in which pride has been restored in what it means to “Be British”.

Is this the last of the great events of the past year and a half, after which we all just go back to normal life and try to cling on to our experiences as best we can?
Will we be surprised at just how easy it will be to escape the fact that the games are taking place on our doorstep?

Right now I would be happy with the confirmed menu for day 9, wave 6, light/heavy dinner – starting at 23.30….

Have you experienced a one off event such as this – maybe this exact event in your own home town….I would love to hear how it played out for you….


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