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With Just Moments to Go, Keep Calm

So here we are, it’s really happening….

Something not to forget. At the end of the day, whilst the work that has gone in to the next two weeks (for me this has been a two year process) is immense, the same set of rules apply to this event as they do to any other.

Above all else, and with the lack of sleep that is already setting in, keep calm.

Sometimes you are lucky enough to have one main client with whom you work in the lead up to their special occasion. Sometimes you are working with a committee. And there are times, when that committee has a committee and one person sitting miles away in an office somewhere, can scupper “The best laid plans of mice and men…..” – and all because they don’t like the colour red….or blue….or….

There will always be last minute madness – how can there not be

Changes will come thick and fast

People will always look to you for answers

This is the second time within my hospitality world when I have worked on an event that could be considered a turning point. The first was a wedding which came off the back of a hard time I had been having – a nightmare client no one wanted to deal with, and an event that turned out to be spectacular. In some ways that was a private affair in that anyone not involved would never have known about it. This is a little different. The world is watching – and whilst all eyes are certainly not on me alone, so many people are in some way connected to what goes on over these next two weeks – and whilst everyone can, I intend to back up whatever I claim to have done during this period with lots of happy and satisfied clients with whom I have built up a really great relationship.

But like I said above, keeping calm as all those around you lose their heads, is what really makes a difference as others look on.



Breathe again

And then speak


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