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Focus – the crazy season is almost upon us

Summer seems to have come and gone in the blink of an eye – the number of warm days counted on one hand, and with the Olympics taking untold amounts of time, little has been spent on all of those events that have taken a back seat and now find themselves right on our doorstep.

So how do we re focus, balance all of our up and coming workload with the need for mental space and the chance to breathe and find our enthusiasm once again?

The September – December steam train waits for no one, and with the August momentum behind us, it’s clear that the success which was London 2012 has created the feeling that London is the place to hold events – most of which will now take place in what we would describe as relatively short lead. We need therefore to ensure all ducks are in a row, that our teams have had their time to relax, that plans are in place for how to focus on winning all available business for the coming months, and setting out manageable and achievable goals which, come December, can be celebrated as successes with a view to carrying these forward and in to 2013.

Personally, I have some very exciting events ahead – a photo shoot this weekend, up and coming weddings, and the return this week of my Olympic clients. All in all, events is what we do, it’s what we love to do and remembering this and trusting in those around you to back you as you do them – hopefully creates the bonding required to push forward together.

I would love to hear how your summer panned out and where you and your teams are planning to be come the end of the year – how have you stayed motivated?


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