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The crazy minds of others


Sometimes it’s glasses

Sometimes it’s the hair

The smile,

The twinkle in the eye….

It could also be the scent, the wonky tooth, or the ever wonderful selection of Disney ties

But what it won’t ever be, in a world where we hope to stand out amongst our peers and clients – is a sense that the best way to make yourself look good is at the expense of others.

The world of events is one in which the partnerships we create – with guests, clients, suppliers and colleagues – are paramount. Some people find it difficult to see the importance of team work within this crazy world, and whether they seem to be getting away with the big “i” in their team, at some point they will be found out.

The world is moving so quickly, we have to make every effort to stay ahead of the curve and it isn’t always easy…..maybe it never is – and the security that ten years in the same role used to provide can now be a stumbling block to personal development as some sit behind their desk as the world passes them by.

People in those types of situations, set in their ways – are a dangerous bunch. They will tell you that they are to old, been doing it too long to change – they just expect you to see things from their perspective and dance to their tune.

So how do you handle this kind of individual?

Just as you would the difficult client we have all dealt with at one time or another

Just like the client they warned you about, the one who you “need to know is a nightmare”

Just like the one you treated with respect that wasn’t always returned

One day at a time………

I don’t have the perfect answer for a situation I have had to deal with for sometime now, and in fact you probably have better advice for me that I can give you – but it can sometimes sap more strength than you have left at the end of another long day – to smile through gritted teeth and long for the silence a late night brings, when you breathe and realise just how tense you had been for the past 14 hours…..

I guess I am saying this – for everyone who isn’t where they want to be right now – hang in there….and know, you are not alone



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