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Sometimes you get what you pay for


It is an age old adage and one that I have learnt myself on many occasions. Just this week I was commenting on what have to be the best pair of shoes I have ever purchased, a wildly expensive pair of Hugo Boss “work shoes” that now, looking back, I should have definitely also got in brown – but either way, have lasted me ten times longer than anything that has come after them.

What am I referring to? – Getting what you pay for.

The number of times as an event manager, I have had to discuss costs, and just how much more expensive “I” may be than someone else within the same market, or how to meet the clients expectation of WOW on a shoe string budget. Now, as it happens, doing this can sometimes be easier than you might think – effective lighting, retro looking place cards and holders – raiding a car boot sale for some amazing props – but the harder task is when people either want the WOW and are willing to pay nothing for it, or worse, when they think they have it and truth be told it just looks naff.

There will always be a priority list when it comes to weddings, and in cases, a priority lost too. Flowers over venue, band over DJ – buffet over plated, and 5* over 4. At the end of the day, rarely do we get to have everything we want – unless of course you are willing to pay for it. Where one wedding differs from another is in the detail. The thought that goes in to every aspect, rather than have so many aspects seem like an after thought.

I would like to think that I am honest enough to guide clients away from spending money on areas that will do little to enhance their event. that said, I believe that if there is something that will WOW, then going all out is the only way. One of the hardest conversations post an event is the “I wish I would have….”

I would love to hear some innovative ways in which you have created your WOW’s, what it was you just “had to have” and if you ever had to say “I wish I had….”



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