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Enchanting Glamour – transformations

Sometimes it is hard to take an empty room and transform it within the mind of someone with limited creativity – in to what they hope it will look like when the big reveal arrives. Don’t misunderstand, it is not an easy thing, for a venue or a bride – multi purpose venues can not always control when clients may wish to see them, and as such it is quite common to conduct a wedding site in and amongst a conference room set up.

For Brides, there are so many different elements that will make up the butterflies they need to feel inside, to know that they are making the right venue selection for their most special day – that it is not always possible to pick the absolute right moment to be WOWed, and some brides have a great idea of what they want, and some don’t.

So how to best manage this?

Different venues employ different methods, but a couple of easy wins to note;

If you have one, use an ipad to help with your site visits, and pre load on to them as many photos as you have in order to show what the space can look like

Wherever possible, guide your clients to the most suitable times for their visit – suggesting maybe that they come to the venue on a weekend when another event will be set up

Time lapse videos – see the below, a great example of a wedding recently held at the hotel with one of our preferred vendors

Enchanting Glamour at The Four Seasons Park Lane, London.

Last and by no means least – be animated. At the end of the day we as event managers need to sell the dream of a perfect evening to our clients, and if you can have them close their eyes and imagine that perfect setting…..a colour scheme, flowers, flowing champagne, music and the perfect combination of friends and family…..well, you know the rest.


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